Hello, I am Ivaylo Pashov
Full Stack Software Developer

I am a jack of all trades software developer. I have a mainly .NET and Ruby on Rails background but do also lots of JS. Currently i am contracting. I build ecommerce solutions on Salesforce commerce cloud (SFCC), previously Demandware. I also have interest in IoT (even built a commercial side project) and machine learning. Another topic that interests me is trading, finance and real estate. I manage my own stock and P2P lending portfolios. I also recently bought a piece of land in Sofia and plan to develop real estate if everything goes well. In my spare time i mainly do sports (check out my Strava), go hiking, visit meetups or read (check out my Goodreads profile).

In Short

  • nameIvaylo Pashov
  • age33
  • e-mailivo.pashoff@gmail.com
  • addressSofia, Bulgaria
  • websitewww.pashov.net


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  • Commercial
  • Non-commercial
  • Supplier recognition for Receipt Bank

    Receipt Bank is a company that aims to make life easier for both bookkeepers and accountants. We automate manual inputting by receipt recognition and data extraction. We provide various methods of submition too. Some of them include taking a picture of the receipt with a mobile app or sending pdfs to an email. Then we also provide integrations with third party accounting software with Xero being the biggest. Truly amazing company, product and spirit. My role is mainly around supplier recognition. Won't go into detail but to put it shortly we try to automatically recognize who the company is on the receipt and i don't mean just name as string but what the real entity is. This is a very hard task and i don't believe anyone can solve it 100%, but we are progressing very well. I have leading role in that effort. The technological stack is mainly Ruby/Rails, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch.

  • Mobile application for Solid 55

    Solid 55 is a company that manufactures and sells entrance doors. They also invest heavily in technology so that you can communicate with your door. For example, you can remotely lock/unlock your door, receive notifications who entered etc. Basically, you can command the electronic locks on the door. This happens by calling or SMS. The door has a sim card in it and that's the interface to accept commands. But writing sms and remembering commands is as bad UX as it gets, so they decided to do a mobile app for that. It is a more user friendly wrapper for the underlying sms/call thing. I decided to go the cross platform way with IONIC framework as i have no experience in mobile and the app has to be available for iOS and Android. Also, the app is simple enough not to require some fine control over native features. The only native API that it uses are call and sms but plugins are available for that with simple enough interface. You can check it out, it is called Solid Mobile Key and is available on the App Store for now and soon on Google Play.

  • Raspberry Pi application for Solid 55

    Solid 55 is a company that manufactures and sells entrance doors. They also invest heavily in technology so that you can communicate with your door. For example, you can remotely lock/unlock your door, receive notifications who entered etc. Basically, you can command the electronic locks on the door. In order to set your door up, you have to do some admin work at the beginning like who can unlock, who has access, turn the alarm on/off etc. This was a bit tedious as the interface is SMS (the door has a sim card in it and a microcontroller). So they came up with the great idea to built in a Raspberry Pi with a touch display on the inner side so that users have a nice UI to administrate the door. What is more, you can watch on the screen who is in front as the spy is a digital camera. So they hired me to build it. I coded the whole thing in Python and used a library for the UI called KivyPie. The whole app consists of a server that listens on the serial port for messages from the microcontroller and passes them to the client and a client that handles user interactions. They communicate with Twisted which is a networking event-driven engine for Python.

  • Web application for QCCU (Queensland Credit Union)
    Brisbaine, Australia

    QCCU is an Australian credit union and the project was in the domain of payments. The company wanted to offer a new service where they pay bills for you and the system was meant to utilize that. The project was quite big and complex. My role in the project was as a C# + front-end developer. We used technologies mainly in the MS stack - C#/.NET, Windows services, WCF services, Web API, OData, SQL server, MSMQ etc. on the backend and Angular 1.3 on the front-end. The project was challenging because of the complexity and communication (there is a 9 hour difference with Australia)

  • Admin + Customer portal for GGHT (Golden Gates Housing Trust)
    Warrington, UK

    GGHT had a working portal before which was quite outdated. So our task was to make a whole new portal from the ground up and add some functionality. The portal was aimed to help GGHT employees manage the existing properties and customers and also to help their customers file requests for repairs, manage their bills, provide feedback etc. I worked as a full-stack dev on that project. The portal was implemented using C#/.NET, WCF services, Web API on the back end + knockout, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap on the front end. Interesting aspect of the portal was that we had to implement a Single Sign On solution used by 3 apps.

  • Survey Master

    Survey Master is a survey engine which can be delpoyed as a standalone web app or be integrated in another app. It also is offered as Sharepoint add-on. It has functionality to create, fill, distribute and analyze surveys. That's the first time i got my hands "dirty" with noSQL - namely MongoDBf. Other technologies that we used were fC#/.NET, Web API, MVC5, MSMQ.

  • Team Pulse

    Team Pulse is a project management system that is deployed on premise. The system is feature rich and utilises the Agile project management process. Technologies used include LINQ to SQL, SQL server, Entity Framework, Web API, MVC5 on the backend and wirejs and kendoUI on the front-end. My role is a full-stack developer and the team also does support.

  • Alumni Network Site

    Alumni network site is meant to be freen and open-source system that can be used by schools or universities to manage alumnis and provide them with a means of keep-in-touch. The project is WIP but will see live implementations soon.


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Work Experience

  • Contracting
    2018 - Current

    I am contracting on various ecommerce projects. I build solutions based on Salesforce commerce cloud (Demandware previously). Technology stack includes mainly JS, both on the front and back end. My biggest challenge at the current role is code reuse and legacy. Except software development, i do much more of the "soft" stuff as client management, communication etc.

  • Receipt Bank
    2016 - 2018

    Receipt Bank is a UK based software startup that aims to automate the process of bookkeeping and they do it very successfully. My role there is a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, working on the main app as well as on the myriad of supporting services.

  • Telerik
    2015 - 2016

    Telerik is one of the first and also one of the biggest Bulgarian software shops, developing products. My role there was a full-stack .NET developer and i was part of TeamPulse. More info on the project can be found in the work section of the site.

  • Onebit Software
    2014 - 2015

    In Onebit Software I worked as full-stack .NET developer, working on all kind of enterprise projects + 2 in-house products. You can find more info on the projects in the Work section of the site.

  • Profile Group
    2009 - 2014

    Profile Group is a small family-owned business that operates in the area of windows/doors/blinds production, sales and distribution. As in a small business i had all kinds of responsibilities including sales, busines development, operations and strategic planning. At one point of time i also was leading a team of 4 sales people.


  • C#/.NET 90%

  • Ruby on Rails 80%

  • JS 85%

  • Python 70%

  • Node JS 70%

  • HTML5/CSS3 70%

  • Angular JS90%

  • Team Work 90%

  • Communication 90%

  • Sales 80%


  • Sofia High School Of Mathematics (Sofia, Bulgaria)
    2000 - 2005

    Major: Mathematics and Computer Science

  • American University in Bulgaria (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria)
    2005 - 2009

    Major: BSc in Business Administration with focus in Finance
    Minor: Economics

  • Sofia University (Sofia, Bulgaria)
    2013 - in progress

    MSc. in Distributed systems and Mobile Technologies
    Courses Taken: Cisco CCNA 1, Cisco CCNA 2, C# .NET, UML Diagrams, Business Analysis, Cisco CCNA 3, Cisco CCNA 4, VMware ESXi data center virtualization, SQL Server

  • Telerik Academy
    2012 - 2013

    Software developer academy
    Courses taken: C# 1 , C# 2, OOP, High-Quality Code, Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Bases, Web Services, HTML, CSS, JS, JS UI, JS OOP

Extracuricular activities

  • President of Real Estate Club in AUBG
  • Member of faculty Search Committee in AUBG

Participations and Certifications

  • Participant in the Olympiad of Mathematics in 2000, 2001,2002,2003,2004. Twice reached the national level.
  • Participant in the Olympiad of Information Technology in 2001, 2002
  • Attended the School in Braunschweig, Germany for a month in summer 2003 on a cultural exchange program
  • Attended IELS School in Malta for 3 weeks in summer 2002 on a cultural exchange program
  • Certificate for Advanced level in German Language from Institute for International Students of the Sofia University
  • SUBWAY Franchisee 2-week Business Development Course


  • Fluent English
  • Intermadiate German


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Tech Blog

This blog is dedicated to my tech interests. I share everything that exites me from the world of technology, that being administration, development or IoT.

Finance (Contrarian) Blog

This blog is dedicated to my interest in finance, but not finance as studied in books. If you don't like central banks and think that there is something wrong with wealth disparity in the world, if you like bitcoin and the like, if you think that individuals should be financially empowered, that's the place to go.

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Contact info

  • +359 (896) 700922
  • ivo.pashoff@gmail.com

Contract Rates

Front-End Dev - 30E/hour
Full Stack Dev - 40E/hour

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