A wise man once said “Live as this is your last day”. I think that having this thought every now and then has profound effect on our poor souls. Thinking about THE END is a painful exercise. I think, though, it is necessary to think about death so that we live a better life.

On this day, a special person in my life died. All of a sudden. Totally unexpected.

Live as this is your last day

resounds in my head. I want to share a few random thoughts that haunt my mind casually and especially on a day like this:

  • Zoom out often. Life is ephemeral. Years go fast. Everyday problems don’t even make a dent in the grand scheme of things. However, small quality moments every day compound. Learn to find enjoyable moments. I think many have lost that.

  • Be good to others. That is a most precious thing. Even animals often are good to one another. We can too. And it brings joy to both. Your goodness will inspire others and outlive you.

  • When strong, help the weak. There is nothing more respectful than helping the weak from a position of strength. Always offer help if you can. This is one of those little quality moments that we should learn to see.

  • When weak, ask for help and share. It feels good, it helps you step on your feet. It takes effort and sometimes we should swallow our pride to confess but weakness in loneliness is something no one should experience.

  • Have kids. More kids. Kids get your juices going. I am the least God believing person but if there is something divine on this small blue planet, that is watching your kids grow.

  • Find love and hold onto it. That would be the next divine thing on this small blue planet.

  • Don’t postpone what you always wanted to do. “When I have money”, “when I make a career”, “when I learn better”, “when I grow up”. The only scarce thing is time. Everything else is in abundance.

  • Always look for your passions. If it is hard to find them, try many things. Various life is better than monotonous life.

  • Call your loved ones often, even for mundane things like how you spent your day or what did you have for dinner. Don’t postpone this call. Even if you feel that this is boring, it makes the day of your mom or dad.

  • Protect your time aggressively. Stupid distractions are all around. Learning to avoid them is a gift.

  • Be healthy. When unhealthy, you suffer, but the people that love you suffer even more. You have the responsibility if you wish to be healthy.

Good night.